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About c0nnect

Our vision is to create a secure communication platform with high privacy standards and ethics.

Why c0nnect?

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  • Green powered network
  • Secure & Dedicated xmpp Servers
  • DDoS Protection & internal VPN's
Privacy & Security
  • TLS Cleint to Server Encryption
  • OMEMO Client to Client Encryption

How to Use

Our mission is to make access to the network as easy as possible!

Download & Install

First you need to choose either the free or pro version and download the c0nnect app of your choice.

Configure the App

When you sign in for the firs time you are asked to create a new account. simply choose a password and you are done!

c0nnect your email

Incase you are scard of password loss, register an account on this site and link it with your c0nnect account!

Manage everything on a single screen

At the main screen you can easily configure all your chats, groups and contacts.

To add your contacts you can type in their xmpp/jabber id, which looks similar to an e-mail address. You can use the QR-scanner, or use the import menu option to scan your address book.

When importing addresses from your android contacts, the app will ask for permission. This is totally optional. If you feel unsafe, just block that. The app will still work regularly

Quick overview of your chats!

Whenever you start a chat you have quick access to all your chats, sorted by activity organized in a drawer menu.

The chat list is fully dynamic, you can freely remove chats from the list or add new ones.

Easily share your media

Whenever you are in a chat you can share all your files also use the app to record audio/video and send it directly to your partner.

App screenshots

Short overview of the c0nnect android application

Download Android App

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c0nnect Pro has no ads and faster access to updates.


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